Little Deeds of Kindness

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m rushing home from work to bake 4 dozen cupcakes. I intend to be finished within reasonable time, so as not to infringe too much on my night’s sleep, hence the rush.  I was almost home when I stopped at the store to get some coconut frosting and a few other ingredients.  I quickly grabbed the items and was heading for the cashier, when I remembered that I needed a pack of ‘thank you’ cards. I walked over to the card isle, my eyes darting from row to row, trying to find the thank you caption.

I had found the cards and was trying to decide which one to choose, when an elderly woman approached me with two cards, asking my opinion on which is more suitable for a new born baby boy. I looked at them both and told her neither, since from the wording,  I could tell they were for older kids. I returned my cards to the shelve and began to help her find an appropriate card. I comb through the the entire contents on two rows without success. I told her she may have to check elsewhere; then I said “hold on a second let me check on the other isle”. I hurried around and bingo! There they were….. cards for new borns. I grabbed two for boys, brought them to her, and her entire face lit up as she thanked me repeatedly and said goodbye.

I went back to the ‘thank you’ cards section, choose a pack and went to join the shortest line. The same woman I had helped was ahead of me, and she had handed the cashier a handful of coins, which he counted and told her it was short. She searched frantically in her purse and came up with nothing. It was at that point I tapped her lightly on her shoulder and told her, its ok, I will take care  of it. I told the cashier to return the coins to her and put her purchase on my bill. Her eyes welled up with tears as she said “thank you so much my dear, you have saved me twice, you’re my angel”.

I walked out of the store 24 mins later than I had anticipated, but my heart was rejoicing, as what I had experienced was priceless. Now this may be the norm for you, but for me it’s worth celebrating, and here’s the reason. I have always been a very helpful person, who will even go out of my way to help others, however on closer self-examination, I found that whenever helping others is inconvenient, I’m not so willing at all. The ‘old me’ would have told her I’m not sure where the cards are, and that I’m really rushing right now. So now you can appreciate why it was a wow moment for me.

If we want our lives to reflect Christ, we have to be willing to make the necessary adjustments until we measure up to His standard. He was never too busy to help the needy!

Be Inspired!




6 thoughts on “Little Deeds of Kindness

  1. Wow. I’m really inspired by this Ann!! Being kind covers so much more than we think. It involves both tangible and intangible gifts but a lot of times when the tangible fades, is torn, tattered or lost. However, that smile, word of encouragement, the holding of a hand or reaching for that top shelf item for a fellow shopper is a lot of time further etched into a person’s memory than a gift that sometimes seen or rarely used.
    Keep on doing what you doing, your stories of inspiration are making me doing a whole lot of thinking and revamping. I’ve started my “pruning” and “repotting “

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