My Orchid Story

It’s a beautiful spring morning, my day off from work, and I’m in my Orchid garden tending my plants. As I looked at the orchid on the right, I reminisced on the condition in which I received it some months ago. Most of the leaves were yellowing and drooping, the roots were rotting from being over watered, and the pot was way too small for the size plant. It was given to me by a friend who asked me to save it. I purposed in my heart to do my best to save this plant, not just for the plant’s sake, but also to preserve my “orchid expert” reputation.

I cut all the dried leaves away, removed it from the tiny pot and cut away all the damaged roots. I got a larger pot, filled with fresh potting mix, and replanted it.  The pic on the left was taken the day it was replanted. Fast forward nine months of nurturing and that’s the fabulous result.

My reason for sharing this story, is because I see so much of me in this plant. I was at a point where I felt stagnated…. there was no growth or development in any area of my life. I was frustrated and dejected, and all my efforts ended in futility. My inability to help myself, pushed me to connect with God on another level. My turning point came when I handed Him the reins of my life in total surrender; and oh what a difference it makes!

You may be facing various struggles in your life today, and feeling out of sorts (like the old orchid plant),  be encouraged, you’re not alone, and the Master Gardener is waiting to prune, fertilize and repot, if necessary. However, He’s waiting for you to make the first step to Him, and when you do, don’t forget remove the mask of self-assurance that you put on for the world to believe that everything is “A ok”. He sees right through it and He requires your honesty.

Today if you are seeing yourself as the old orchid plant, with dried and drooping leaves; just know that He’s seeing the beautiful blooms you have in you waiting to burst forth. That is why I believe, it’s not an accident that when I searched my gallery I could not find a picture of the orchid, before I repotted it. At first I was disappointed, as I thought the visual of how far gone the plant was, would add credibility to my story. Then it came to me, God does not dwell on our past, He focuses on our future.


Be inspired!




8 thoughts on “My Orchid Story

  1. This reminds me so much of the Bible story of the potter and clay. It’s a beautiful example of what happens when the potter gets a hold of the old clay we were and fashioned us into the new vessels He wants us to be. Your story also reminds us that God makes all things beautiful in His time and that the key is to submit to Him that which is in need of His “expertise”. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story, the application of which is as beautiful as the nurtured and fabulous version of the Orchid.

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  2. Very beautiful story Annie. Also from the story, it may not be very comfortable when God is pruning us, but if we just bare with it, we’ll come out as beautiful as that orchid.
    God is so awesome, once He forgives us, He puts our sins in the sea of forgetfulness. We have to remember that and not keep bringing up our past failures.

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  3. My favorite piece so far.
    I am told that in show biz, the end of a movie is filmed first. As scriptwriter of our show, God has already filmed the end. Therefore He can afford to cast our sins in the sea of forgetfulness (Heb. 8:12; Micah 7:19) and focus instead on who we will become.

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