Ditch The Mask

In a world where we take one hundred selfies, with the good side always facing the camera, before finding one suitable enough to post; where all our flaws and imperfections are neatly tucked away before we dare to face the world; Unmasked seeks to undo the mask, and showcase us in our true sense.

For it is in embracing our flaws and brokenness, that we develop the courage to grow, experience healing, and become the best version of ourselves.



4 thoughts on “Ditch The Mask

  1. I totally agree with that. I too try to hide my flaws. I have rheumatoid arthritis which has caused some amount of deformities of the joints. I try hard to hide the deformities when I’m taking pictures.

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  2. Congratulations on creating this blog sis!
    Clearly it’s objective is to inspire and promote a sense of self-acceptance and a desire to develop ‘me’ – an important leg on the journey to success.
    Already I’m inspired & I look forward to reading more inspirational pieces from you. I believe your target audience will be multiplied, to the glory of God! Keep writing…

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